Congratulations, you just stepped into a revolution, a revolution of self-love.

You're resilient, driven, and ultra-independent. We chaos survivors tend to be. But can you imagine a life where you fearlessly embrace your authenticity, step into your power, and radiate unshakable self-love?

Hi, I'm Vicki

I designed The Pattern Breaker's Playbook to help you break free from the weight of challenging family dynamics so you can begin to rewrite your generational legacy.

It is your key to unlocking the door to that empowered existence. Drawing inspiration from my journey of overcoming years of hurt and conditioning and learning to love who I am, this playbook is the culmination of years of hard-earned wisdom, experience, and coaching.

Inside the Pattern Breaker's Playbook, you'll uncover insights, exercises, and reflections to help you navigate the

9 Alchemical Keys to Self-Love:

Dare to embrace Self-Leadership and forge your path, breaking free from old patterns.

Ignite the flame of Courage within you and rise above fear with grace and strength.

Cultivate Self-Trust as the foundation for confident decision-making and growth.

Unleash your Personal Power, freeing yourself from the grip of past pain and fear.

Embark on the journey of Authenticity, shedding layers of pretense and embracing your true self.

Navigate life's challenges with Emotional Wisdom, cultivating resilience and compassion.

Rewrite your Self-Worth story, replacing doubt with unwavering belief in yourself.

Elevate your Self-Confidence and stand tall in the brilliance of your uniqueness.

Infuse Vitality into every moment, living a life of energy, purpose, and vibrancy.

The Pattern Breaker's Playbook isn't just a collection of pages

It's an invitation to your radical resurgence.

Are you prepared to transcend survival and embrace the magic of who you are? Ready to awaken your inner Love Riot and embody empowerment despite the challenges that may have shaped you? The moment is now, and this playbook is your guide to crafting a life rich with purpose, resilience, and profound self-love.

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