Visible by Design:

Overcome Business Roadblocks Using Your Unique Human Design

Discover a different approach to thriving in your coaching or healing practice with "Visible by Design." This group experience is for the eternal seekers among us—coaches and healers who yearn for a deep understanding of themselves, align their professional path with their authentic identity, and leave an impact on the world. Through the lens of Human Design, this experience offers you a personalized roadmap to uncovering your life's purpose, navigating business challenges, and achieving visibility in your field.

Why Visible by Design?

You’re on a mission and you've worked tirelessly, yet the essence of your practice doesn't shine as brightly as it could. Procrastination, self-doubt, and the shadows of obscurity in a crowded market are creating a disconnect. You're not just looking for success; you're seeking a profound impact, deep fulfillment, and the realization of your true potential. The key lies in aligning your business with the unique blueprint of your Human Design.

Voices of Transformation

Hear from those who have walked this path before you, embracing their vulnerability and emerging empowered and enlightened:

  • “Because I’m a coach, I’ve had this idea that I’m supposed to know everything and not be screwed up at all. Or I’m not supposed to show when I don’t know something. I know that’s not true but there’s still a part of me that acts as if it is. This has been a place where I didn’t feel the need to do that. I’m very grateful for the opportunity.”

  • “I don’t think my nervous system has been this calm in a while. Visible ignited something in me. It’s freeing. I’m super grateful for this experience.”

  • “I committed and I showed up for myself. This has been wonderful. I’m gonna miss Visible and I’m going to do it again the next round. What an enlightening experience! And the best surprise.”
  • “When I wasn’t here (in the group), I was thinking about it. And I was looking forward to getting back to it.”

  • “Being a part of this community and this leadership is starting to make me feel hopeful again.”

  • “Visible has opened up my mind and my heart. It released a lot of confusion and stress. It has taught me to be my full self, speak up, be clear. It’s helped me to think more clearly and get a better vision for what I want for my future. I’m very grateful for this experience. I feel like I’ve grown my community and it’s been a really great experience.”

The Experience

Client Abundance mini report

Visible by Design is not your typical program; it's a personalized journey towards understanding and embodying your Human Design in both personal growth and business success. Over four weeks, you will:

Receive a Personalized Mini Client Abundance Report, covering your Type, Incarnation Cross, and the low expressions of your Venus, Sun, and Moon gates. This report is your compass, pointing out where challenges may arise in your business and anchoring you in your purpose.

Gain insights into your Open Centers, uncovering areas of external conditioning and pathways to embracing your authentic self.

Participate in Weekly Calls to explore each element of your report, supported by guidance, interpretation, and actionable strategies.

Engage with Daily Action Prompts in a private Facebook group, designed to inspire you to take steps aligned with your business goals, rooted in the principles of your Human Design.

Visible by Design invites you to not just learn about your Human Design but to live it, applying its wisdom to foster real, meaningful changes in your business and life.

Join Our Pilot Group Experience

A 4-Week Experience of Transforming Your Business Approach

Special Pilot Price: $333 - Limited spaces are available to ensure an intimate, supportive community atmosphere.

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Program Outline

Week 1: Discover Your Unique Contribution and Impact. Dive into your Human Design Type merged with self- leadership, courage, and discernment in your business.

Week 2: Uncover Your Life Purpose. Explore the depths of your Human Design Incarnation Cross and align your business with the calling of your soul, embracing your destined role in the world.

Week 3: Overcome Your Business Challenges. Illuminate and navigate through the low expressions of your Venus, Sun, and Moon gates. Find clarity and overcome barriers that have held you back from your full business potential.

Week 4: Step into Authentic Visibility. Confront and release the conditioning of your Open Centers. Embrace your genuine self and radiate your truth with confidence and authenticity.

Meet Your Guide, Vicki

I'm Vicki, a fellow seeker and guide on this path of self-discovery and business transformation. After 13 years of striving for visibility, authenticity, and consistency in my coaching practice, Human Design illuminated my way. Now, I'm here to accompany you as we explore your Human Design, viewing your business through a lens of innate wisdom and authenticity.


Are You Ready?

If your heart yearns for a business that mirrors the depth and authenticity of your Human Design, Visible by Design is where you need to be. This is your invitation to align your business with your design, shine brightly in your authenticity, and impact the world as only you can.

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