About Vicki and Live A Love Riot®

I've always been a little different from my family. The black sheep. The odd man out.

I was born the youngest of four. I always had an internal drive to improve, grow, and learn. I was curious, inquisitive, and intelligent as a kid. For me, settling or living out the same old patterns has never been an option. I always had a drive to be better.

I was nerdy and loved school. I valued learning and achievement. And as the youngest, my parents treated me differently than my siblings.


"You think you're so smart."

"You're such a know-it-all."

"You think you're better than us."

"You're a spoiled brat."

Those comments hurt me deeply. I was just a kid being myself. I know now that my siblings were hurting as well. They were doing the best they could, but those comments were the beginning of me feeling like I wasn't good enough.

My parents were struggling with alcohol addiction, and once my siblings left the house, my mom and I were the sole targets of my dad's alcohol-induced anger.

My dad and I had a pretty good relationship when he was sober. Unfortunately, as I got older, that was less and less. My dad hurt my mom and destroyed our home many times.

When I was the target of his drunken anger, I got beat with his belt. My mom never intervened.

She was pretty checked out when she was drinking, and when she was present, we had a hard time understanding each other. Most of our communication included her complaining about my dad or criticizing me.


As a teen, when I shared my experiences with my siblings, they didn't believe Dad had ever hit me. They told me I was making it up. It couldn't be true because I was the "favorite."

They weren't there to witness it, and when they were around, all they saw was me being treated "better" by our parents. Our lived experiences were just so different.

Then, there was my dad leaving home for months at a time. One day, he would just be gone, and I was never told where he went or when he would be back.

These experiences challenged my sense of stability and self-worth. I felt invisible, irrelevant, and insignificant. I truly believed that no one loved me. It's hard to explain, but sad wasn't the feeling I had. It was simply a fact in my mind that no one loved me.


They also caused me to struggle with emotions, intimacy, and vulnerability. These challenges affected every relationship I ever had.

I've had to find a way to forgive and let go of old hurts, learn how to feel and express my emotions, develop deeper relationships, lean into vulnerability, and work to cultivate self-love again.

My parents and siblings are all gone now, which brings another level of pain. Knowing there will never be an opportunity to repair some of the hurt and misunderstanding is heartbreaking.

This path has been challenging, and the hard, painful stuff led me to where I am today.

Going from a girl who sincerely believed no one loved her to creating Live A Love Riot® is fucking epic personal growth. I have spent many years overcoming fear and self-doubt and harnessing my gifts to arrive at the place where I love myself and see my value.

I want that for you. If I can do it, you can do it.

The journey is scary and uncomfortable at times, for sure. When I feel the resistance and fear inside me, that is not my signal to quit or back off.
Fear and discomfort are my signals to double down. When I desire to do something that feels uncomfortable or triggering, I know that means that's my next level of growth.

I work through my fear and discomfort and go for it.

It is not an option to walk this path alone.

I know because I tried that for years. That extreme independence that once saved me became the thing that was stopping me. Once I learned to lean into vulnerability and find skilled support, I began to believe I was loved and valued.
I started by hiring a coach to help me see the emotional fears holding me back and keeping me stuck in old patterns.

As my internal dialogue and self-worth started improving, I realized I wanted to be a coach and help others.

I was a scientist doing pharmaceutical drug research in my past career. The leap to becoming a coach was a big one.
The path to becoming a Certified Fearless Living Coach was one of the most challenging and rewarding things I've done. Earning my degree in Biological Science was a piece of cake compared to the internal work I did while earning my coaching certification.

Since then, I've journeyed further, adding to my toolkit with certifications in Conversational Intelligence, training as a Positive Intelligence Coach, and a certificate in the Quantum Alignment System, not to mention the hundreds of hours I've spent studying and integrating various methodologies to support the growth of myself and my clients.

It's not like I'm on a pedestal, perfected and removed from challenges and pain. It's right here with me. I've been a coach for over 15 years and still do the work every day.

I will work the rest of my days to surrender and lean into self-love.

I created Live A Love Riot® for us—the pattern breakers.

Download The Pattern Breaker's Playbook to get started on your pattern-breaking path to self-love.

Live A Love Riot® Manifesto

In a world that often encourages us to follow the well-trodden path, conform, and fit into predetermined molds, there's a different way to live. A way that's about more than just existing – it's about truly living fiercely and unapologetically.

We Believe:

You Were Meant for More:

Life is not meant to be a monotonous routine. You were born to thrive, experience joy, and make an impact.

Embrace Your Vitality:

Your greatest assets are physical, mental, and emotional vitality. Vitality empowers you to navigate challenges, cultivate self-love, and carry out your vital functions with grace and strength.

Break Free from Default Destiny:

Your journey is not preordained. You can choose your path, transcend negative generational patterns, and create a life that resonates with your deepest desires.

Unite in Love:

A Love Riot is not a battle against the world; it's a profusion of self-awareness, acceptance, and love. It's a movement of hearts uniting to embrace individuality, dispel fear, and foster growth.

Face the Depths Within:

To embark on a Love Riot is to embark on a journey of self-discovery. It's about acknowledging your fears, challenging limiting beliefs, and healing old wounds. It's about unveiling your strengths, beauty, and sovereignty.

Ignite Your Self-Love:

I am here to incite a Love Riot within you. Together, we'll rekindle the flames of self-love and empowerment. With self-love as your compass, you'll navigate life's storms and embrace the brilliance of your unique journey.

Write Your Own Legacy:

Your legacy is not predetermined; it's a canvas waiting for your creative touch. You're meant to leave an indelible mark on the world, shaped by your dreams, actions, and boundless love.

Join the Movement:

This is a movement for the dreamers, the seekers, the pattern breakers – for all those who know they're meant for more. It's for those ready to break free from negative cycles and live authentically, courageously, and with unwavering love.

Join us in the Live A Love Riot® movement. Unleash your self-awareness, define your journey, embrace authenticity, and command your destiny. Let's build a legacy of love, self-expression, and empowerment that resonates through generations.

Join us. This is our time, Love Rioters.

With love and unwavering belief,